AUG 11, 2022

Here is the track list of FEAR CITY.
01 Excito 1:48
02 Flight of the Concorde 3:48
03 Welcome to Fear City 4:12
04 Retro 54 4:54
05 An Ear For the Action 0:29
06 Graffiti Park 4:06
07 191st Street 5:30
08 Home Stretch 0:54
09 The Crossing of Hellgate Bridge 9:19
10 Death on the Downtown Metro 3:42
11 Stay Tuned… 0:23
12 A Most Violent Year 0:57
13 The Deconsecrated House of Sin 3:43
14 In the 11th Hour 3:17

AUG 05, 2022

German-American Power/Thrash metal act THEM will release their new album "Fear City" on October 28th, 2022! It will be available as CD DigiPak version, LP green vinyl version, download and stream:


There is also an exclusive CD/LP bundle with shirt only at the Steamhammer shop:

More info at:

MAY 30, 2022

We shot some videos during the weekend. Many thx to the awesome Ingo Spörl - we had loads of fun! Can’t wait for you guys to hear and “see“ the new songs. Fear City will be out later this year on Steamhammer.

APR 29, 2022

APR 16, 2022

It's a wrap! All vocals done for THEM's 4th album titled "Fear City" due out on Steamhammer Records Oct 2022!

Stay Tuned during the months ahead for more information regarding "Fear City"!

In the meantime a shout out to the following people with regards to the recording of the album: Joe Cincotta (Full Force Studios), Dave Otero (Flatline Audio), Paul Sabu, Dennis Carter Jr, Nicole Oliva and Greg Hock!

More shout outs to follow once the album is released! Here are some highlights during the vocal recording sessions held at Full Force Studios in Islandia, NY during March-April 2022

MAR 27, 2022

We're almost there! Guitars, bass, drums & keys have been tracked.

Vocal recordings for the last song will be done next week!

Once more legendary Dave Otero at Flatline Audio - Producer Dave Otero will be responsible for mix & mastering and the one and only Paul Sabu again recorded some amazing backing vocals!

Can't wait until you all hear "Fear City"!

Out on Steamhammer Records later this year!

MAR 22, 2022

Richie has finished tracking keys for the new THEM album Fear City!

MAR 17, 2022

KK aka Troy finished another track today. He's earned that Weizenbier for sure!

We're about halfway through with the vocal recordings and everything sounds killer so far!

MAR 01, 2022

Vocal tracking started yesterday. The first recorded song for sure is a hit!

FEB 25, 2022

That’s a wrap! All of MJ's guitars for the new album "Fear City" are done!

FEB 20, 2022

Finished the last solo today. We’re half way through with the bass recordings and most of the keys are also on „tape“.

FEB 10, 2022

Happy to announce that we we're now officially THE NEIGHBOR OF THE BEAST!


Yes, we're on instagram for a couple of weeks now. Thank you so much for your support!


Still not a follower? Now's the time!

FEB 08, 2022

MJ recorded also recorded his rhythms and cleans for our 4th album "Fear City". Now it's time for some crazy leads and solos. Bass recordings start tomorrow!

JAN 21, 2022

Ulle's rhythm guitars are a wrap! MJ also started this week.

Time for weekend and definitely time for beer!

JAN 17, 2022

- Steamhammer/SPV’s longtime bands renew their contracts yet again! -

- Positive outlook for 2022/2023 -


It’s been an eventful year, but having responded confidently to the huge challenges of a dramatically changing market, the Hanover-based imprint Steamhammer/SPV, one of Europe’s longest established and most successful rock and metal labels, has continued to offer its artists/bands exciting prospects even in tough economic times. That’s why SPV’s managing director Frank Uhle, head of Steamhammer Olly Hahn, Steamhammer head of promotion Björn von Oettingen and the whole SPV team can reflect on a successful 2021 and are now looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead in 2022 and 2023.


Uhle, Hahn and von Oettingen are particularly proud that a number of acts who have been a part of the Steamhammer/SPV fold for years have once again extended their contracts, among them MAGNUM, AXEL RUDI PELL OFFICIAL SITE, Running Wild, Sodom, Rage, Prong, Virgin Steele Official and THEM.

JAN 07, 2022

Drum tracking for THEM's 4th album "Fear City" is a wrap!

JAN 04, 2022

That's how a new year hast to start!

Drum tracking for the new album has begun. Watch out for more news!

DEC 11, 2021

Thx to all of you for checking out our new single ENCORE and for the great responses!


Don't forget to follow us on our brand new instagram page.

DEC 04, 2021

Our new single ENCORE is also available on Spotify and all streaming services.

Thank you for all the great responses! Stream the shit out of it!


Listen to ENCORE on Spotify

Here's the link to Apple Music!

DEC 03, 2021

New single OUT NOW!

Also available on all streaming services!

DEC 02, 2021

Tomorrow the German-American Power/Thrash Metal band THEM will release their new single and packshot video for the song "Encore".


With KK Fossor finally being defeated by The Crimson Corpse at the tail end of "Return To Hemmersmoor", his maniacal assistant, Remsen, continues to live out his remaining days on earth always focused on his final task at hand...Remsen must continue his bloodline!


KK is now dead...Or is he? Remsen thought he had heard a bell ring as he left the grave site.


ENCORE (recorded during the "Return To Hemmersmoor" sessions), is a song which concludes this segment of the story.

Stay tuned for the next CHAPTER in THEM's intertwining tale of fear, death, destruction and...Neon!


Coming Fall 2022! FEAR CITY!

DEC 01, 2021

NOV 30, 2021

OCT 31, 2021

OCT 25, 2021

We're finally on instagram. 

Connect with us!

OCT 12, 2021

HELLO...To ALL of our friends!

Today we unveil the new band logo which aligns with our next album due out in 2022! Previous posts have revealed some clues.

As promised, today we provide the final clue in determining what the title of THEM's 4th album will be. If someone, does guess it right, a nice fiendish sampling of goodies shall be sent their way just in time for Halloween! If not, you will have to wait until it is announced by SPV/Steamhammer in 2022!

The final clue is...

"Walking this wonder of the industrial world (There are 7) will bring us into the heart our story".

The title of THEM's 4th album is "F_ _ _ C_ _ _"

OCT 05, 2021 all our friends!

It is now time to announce THEM's newest band member!


Drummer extraordinaire, Steve Bolognese (Ross The Boss, Death Dealer, Witherfall, Into Eternity), has joined the ranks here at the THEM camp, committed to give nothing but 110% on the upcoming 4th release due out sometime Fall 2022 on SPV/Steamhammer! Drum tracking begins Jan 2022 by Producer Dave Otero from FlatlineAudio!


Stay tuned next week for the final clue to the title of the 4th THEM album. It will surely be a blast from the past! \m/ \m/

SEP 29, 2021

Hello to all our friends!

Recently, a passing of the guard has happened here in the THEM camp. Before announcing the addition of our newest member, we would like to reflect on the amazing time we have experienced with a highly regarded drummer, friend and brother...Angel Cotte.

Angel has always been a spark of fire behind the kit and a great friend to all of us in THEM. Don't worry...Angel is still performing with Demolition Hammer! We will truly miss him and wish him the very best with whatever path he takes in his life! \m/ Battle 'Till The End Angel \m/

Stay tuned for upcoming THEM news!!!

AUG 15, 2021

Bone white + transparent blue vinyl SOLD OUT within 12 hrs!

You guys are insane, thank you so much!

AUG 14, 2021

We found some strictly limited "Sweet Hollow" vinyl copies in "bone white" and "transparent blue" in our storage.

They have been sold out years ago so these last few copies most probably are the only ones on the market in mint condition. Hurry up before they're gone.

Patches are also available again. We ship world wide.

JULY 15, 2021

MAY 10, 2021

"A new act in the convoluted tale of THEM is brewing...stay tuned!"

FEB 11, 2021

While we already work on new tunes for album no. 4 there’s still a chance for some live shows in the future ;)

Hopefully we’ll be able to play for you guys before the next record will be out, so we’d like to know your personal faves of all three albums. What do you want to hear?

Just click the following link and choose your songs. You don’t have to register and you can also leave a comment right at the end. We’re really curious about the results!

Thx for participating


DEC 31, 2020


We played not one single show in 2020 due to it-must-not-be-named! At least we were able to release our third album "Return to Hemmersmoor" and we are still very proud of it.

Thx to all of you for your incredible support, we truly appreciate that!

Let's put this otherwise shitty year to rest and don't forget to keep the spirit alive...

CU in 2021!


DEC 24, 2020

Time to drink some Battle Blood!

Merry Xmas everybody :)

Consider this an early Christmas present from Head Brewer Steve! Get in here and take home our NEWEST beer available starting TODAY!

BATTLE BLOOD - German Hefeweizen // 6.0% ABV // malty/bready flavors of a Vienna lager interwoven with the banana and clove flavors of a Hefeweizen

Another collaboration beer, this one was made with Steve’s good friend, Markus Johansson, lead guitarist of the band THEM.

Trust us when we say, they made beautiful music together when they brewed this beauty!

Open from 4-9pm tonight for all of your Christmas needs like beer, half off bottles of wine AND handcrafted cocktails to go! Make sure you take home dinner while you’re at it.

As a reminder, we are closed tomorrow and Friday in observation of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

DEC 21, 2020

Hello, all! Firstly, let us take this moment to thank you all for the support and very positive reception of our new album, “Return to Hemmersmoor!”

Now for the fun part. We know that this year has been extremely difficult for everyone, and shipping has also been MASSIVELY affected. We have received messages saying that Amazon US has cancelled CD orders, but vinyl are still shipping. None of the THEM boys in the band in the states have a copy yet, so don’t feel too left out!

Here is the link to order, which includes digital outlets as well. Steamhammer direct will not be price gouging you like some third party sellers we have seen. That is still the most direct way to support the band, and we appreciate every single one of you that had bought, streamed, made the effort to spread the word about the new album.


Again, from the heaviest bottom end of our hearts, we thank you!