MAY 07, 2020

Bass recordings are a wrap!

We're almost done...

APR 25, 2020

The Making of RTH - Rhythm guitars

APR 24, 2020

The Making of RTH - Keys

FEB 13, 2020

Guess it's time for some crunchy rhythm guitars...

JAN 25, 2020

THEM's 3rd album drum tracking complete courtesy of Dave Otero from

JAN 21, 2020

The time is upon us....#3 begins today!

DEC 31, 2019

Bonie would like to wish you all a happy new year🥂🍾.

May the Schnaps be with you...🗣


CU in 2020!

AUG 26, 2019

Working hard on our next album.

We hope that you're ready for chapter 3...?