SEP 25, 2020

Thrash Metal meets horror/fantasy story - THEM releases with "Battle Blood" their new single and video today. The song is taken from the upcoming album "Return To Hemmersmoor" which will be released on October 30th, 2020 as a CD DigiPak version, 2LP gatefold version, CD/LP bundle with shirt (exclusively at the Steamhammer shop), download and stream:

SEP 25, 2020

Rat Salad Review Episode 81- KK Fosser from The Band Them, Return To Hemmersmoor explains the whole story

SEP 24, 2020

BATTLE TO THE END...(teaser)

SEP 24, 2020

New single and video release tomorrow!


"Battle Blood" taken from the upcoming album "Return to Hemmersmoor".


Preorder HERE!

SEP 23, 2020

Moving on with our introductions, here is Markus Johansson (Guitars). Post any questions you may have! Btw, THEM's next video will be released sooner than you think. It might just POP on up sometime real soon so keep a "heart" out for it! Also don't forget about THEM's 3rd album titled "Return To Hemmersmoor" which will be released worldwide via Steamhammer on Oct 30, 2020! Get this incredible RTH bundle right HERE.


Name: Markus Johansson

Age: 35

Country of Origin: USA

Occupation in THEM band: Lead guitar, rhythm guitar, backing vocals, beer drinker

  • Favorite Drink: I believe I’ll have another beer
  • Favorite Food: Pequod’s Pizza (Chicago), a good steak medium rare
  • Favorite Films: Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Return of the Living Dead, LOTR, Tombstone, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Big Lebowski, Bachelor Party
  • Favorite Bands: Rammstein, Megadeth, Opeth, FEAR, King Diamond, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran
  • Favorite Albums: Rust in Peace, Alien (SYL), Blackwater Park (Opeth), Horror Show (Iced Earth), Them, Images and Words, Reise Reise, This Godless Endeavor
  • Best Live Show: RAMM...STEIN
  • How does working with an international act differ than working with band members all local: I think it’s a great way to keep things fresh, and energetic. It’s always exciting to get together to rehearse, because it means we are touring, haha. It also helps a lot that everyone does their homework and shows up ready to go.
  • Where do you see THEM’a direction going: Each album has a very unique sound and feel, but I think that as long as we maintain the balance and versatility of songs, we’ll keep bringing the heavy. Also, standard answer: darker, heavier, fastest, best record we’ve ever done
  • Hopes for 2021: Hitting ‘them’ stages again!

SEP 21, 2020

With the next THEM Lyric/Performance Video nearing the horizon, we decided to tell you all a little bit about each member and post a snapshot taken directly from the video shoot. Feel free to post any questions you may have for each band member as the member's profile is posted. We will start this off with KK Fossor and don't forget THEM's 3rd album titled "Return To Hemmersmoor" will be out worldwide on Steamhammer Oct 30th, 2020!


Name: KK Fossor

Age: 51

Country of Origin: USA

Occupation in THEM: Vocalist




  • Favorite drinks: Weizen Bier, Milk, Water
  • Favorite Foods: Perogies, Currywurst, Pelmeni, Schnitzel
  • Favorite Movies: Evil Dead Series, Hellraiser I, II & IV, Phantasm Series , Demons 1&2, Dead Alive, Shawshank Redemption, Empire Strikes Back
  • Favorite bands: Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Flotsam & Jetsam, Forbidden, Death Angel, Violence, King Diamond
  • Favorite albums: Piece of Mind, Killers, Number of the beast, Twisted Into Form, Act III, Them, Abigail, Don't Break The Oath, No Place For Disgrace
  • Best live show: Iron Maiden!
  • How does working with an international act differ than working with band members all local? Careful Planning every step. When it is time to prepare for a tour, we practice separately then meet up days in advance to perform together.
  • Where do you see THEM's direction going? A Heavier/Darker direction.
  • Hopes for 2021? The world back to normal and touring begins for all bands! Some great shows to be seen by so many bands!

SEP 14, 2020

The U.S. boys filming some performances for the next THEM video single "Battle Blood".


You can preorder all the
"Return to Hemmersmoor" bundles at the Steamhammer shop!


Preorder link Apple Music


Stream the first single "Free" on Spotify.


SEP 06, 2020

Click HERE to pre-save "Return to Hemmersmoor" on Apple Music

AUG 29, 2020

Updated pre-order link for "Return to Hemmersmoor".
Works for all countries.

AUG 21, 2020

Today THEM releases their new single and lyric video for the song "Free". The song is taken from the upcoming album "Return To Hemmersmoor"- out October 30th, 2020!

The album will be available as CD digipak, 2 LP gatefold version, download and stream.

You can pre-order it HERE!

Only at the Steamhammer shop you can get a CD/LP bundle shirt exclusively. 

Click HERE to watch the lyric video!

Video created by Ingo Spörl for

AUG 20, 2020

Tomorrow THEM will release the new single and lyric video for "Free".

The song is taken from the from the upcoming album "Return To Hemmersmoor" - out October 30th, 2020!


You can pre-order it HERE.

AUG 14, 2020

On October 30th, 2020 THEM will release their new album "Return To Hemmersmoor".


It will be available as a CD digipak, 2 LP gatefold version, download and stream. You can pre-order it here:


Only at the Steamhammer shop you can get an exclusive CD/LP bundle with shirt:

AUG 07, 2020

First interview on the forthcoming album "Return to Hemmersmoor" in the new esition of DEAF FOREVER.


Headline: Return to Thrash

JULY 28, 2020

JUN 29, 2020

Steamhammer announcement:

Power/Thrash Metal band THEM are set to release a new studio album titled “Return To Hemmersmoor” on October 30th, 2020. This album takes up thematically where its predecessor "Manor Of The Se7en Gables" left off. Stay tuned for more infos about single and video releases and the presale start for this goosebumps generating album.

JUN 27, 2020

We're also on Bandbond now. Great app from fans for fans. Check it out!

Bandbond info trailer

Bandbond on App Store

Bandbond on Google Play



MAY 07, 2020

Bass recordings are a wrap!

We're almost done...

APR 25, 2020

The Making of RTH - Rhythm guitars

APR 24, 2020

The Making of RTH - Keys

FEB 13, 2020

Guess it's time for some crunchy rhythm guitars...

JAN 25, 2020

THEM's 3rd album drum tracking complete courtesy of Dave Otero from

JAN 21, 2020

The time is upon us....#3 begins today!

DEC 31, 2019

Bonie would like to wish you all a happy new year🥂🍾.

May the Schnaps be with you...🗣


CU in 2020!

AUG 26, 2019

Working hard on our next album.

We hope that you're ready for chapter 3...?

OCT 30, 2020